High temperature applications

2. March 2021

High temperature applications (> 150°C) are a considerable problem for most decanters, not so for our SHORTBOWL decanter centrifuge (SBD).

The design principle with its strict separation of process and drive unit makes this decanter ideal for high temperature applications and a popular machine in the pharmaceutical or food industry.

For example, in the production of pharmaceutical grade glycerine, the suspension reaches  temperatures of 170-200°C. These are no challenge for our SBD, because of its cantilever design, the fact that there are no bearings or shafts in the hot product area, and the fact that the temperatures that still occur can be well controlled by recirculating oil lubrication and an integrated oil cooler.

In the food industry, the SBD is in this regard particularly popular for cleaning frying oil. The special feature is that the decanter is operated in parallel with the fryers and cleans the oil while the frying process is in progress.

Our customers also like to use the SHORTBOWL decanter for the material recycling of thermoplastics.

SIEBTECHNIK TEMA - SHORTBOWL Decanter Centrifuge - Glycerine

SIEBTECHNIK TEMA – SHORTBOWL Decanter Centrifuge – Glycerine

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